How To Register A Domain Name!!! Here, I will teach you how steps you can follow to register a domain name for your prospective online presence. Remember, no website exists without a domain name. A domain name is akin to physical residential address. Relating this to online presence, a domain name will be that address online where your files from your websites a located/hosted. Once a person googles, or type that address into bar browsers address bar, the working system takes him to the relevant spot on the internet where files pertaining to that domain name are hosted. I hope you now have a clearer picture of its essentiality and working principles.

Therefore, if you are you looking to register a domain name, but don’t know where to start? I have explained to depth, how to register a domain name. I have also made frantic effort to teach you on how to get a domain name free of cost.

A domain name is an essential part of building a website, and you must own a unique domain name so as to stand out.

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In this step-by-step guideline on how to register a domain name, I am going to use Namesilo as a veritable example for their registration process is straight forward. I will equally show you how you can get a domain name free.

But let’s first start by explaining why is it crucial to choose a good domain name.


Insight: Always Go For A Good Domain Name While Registering.

Remember once more, a domain name is your unique identifier among billions of other websites on the web. In other words, it is your unique address on the web. You should always look out for domain names that reflects your intent online.

Secondly, you should go for the ones that are memorable, and not too lengthy. A domain name is considered good, the moment it reflects your business, or intent online, and also memorable.

If you have a brick and mortar business that is flourishing offline on the street, there is also need for you to have an online presence. In that case, you is an extension of your business online, and must reflect your brand. In addition, it should be memorable as well.

In that sense it:

  • gives your brand recognition and creates awareness for you online.
  • Adds extra credibility and authenticity to your business venture.
  • Also boosts visitors’ confidence.

An additional reason your brand needs a reflective domain name:

  • It is important for SEO efforts.
  • Memorable domain names get typed to Google more frequently.Algorithms keep track of that and assign more authority to your website. As the branded search volume grows, your domain name earns extra authority points, so that it gets easier to rank for related keywords.


How to Register a Domain Name On Namesilo

Namesilo is a renowned domain name registrar. Below are the steps you should follow to register a domain name for your business or blog.

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Step 1: Signup To Namesilo

Go to namesilo and click on signup to create an account. See the arrow on the screen below:

how to register a domain name on namesilo

Step 2: Search For Domains On The Namesilo Search Bar.

Once, you have signed up to namesilo, do login to search for Domain names that reflect your brand or business. Like, I pointed out above, do make sure that it reflects everything about your brand business intent.

See screen below:

how to buy a domain name on namesilo

After you type in your desired domain name, there will appear a dropdown of the available domain name extensions that exists for that desired domain on namesilo platform.

The drop down domain name extensions are either taken or available. It is simply a blend of taken domain and available domain name extensions. You should always look out for dot com, .net, .org domains name extensions, and make do with other top level domain name extensions where you cannot find any on .com, .org, and .net.

See the screenshot below:

quality domain name extensions


Step 3: Choose The Nearest Befitting Domain Name Extension Still Available For Your Business Or Brand

In this case, I clicked on  from the dropdown of available domain name extensions. See the screenshot below

domain name extension on namesilo

And, then the screen below appears with checkout plus addon features for my chosen domain name extension. See the 2 arrows on the screenshot below 

namesilo domain name check out

Step 4: Checkout

After clicking the checkout button for as can be seen in step 3 above, the another page appears that asks you to CONTINUE to cart. see the screenshot below:


Following the screenshot above, click on CONTINUE button, and the screen below appears. 

On that screen you are expected to enter the a few addons to the cart, select your desired payment gateway which may be paypal, credit cards, etc.

Then proceed to clicking on PAY $2.98 as clarified on the screenshot below:

Once you entered you billing informations, or payment gateway informations correctly before entering clicking on PAY $2.98, you are good to go. 

As can be seen, the whole process of buying a domain name from Namesilo is simple, and straight forward.


To Conclude How to Register a Domain Name

Congratulations! For you are good to go, if you followed through with our step-by-step guide, you should now know how to register a domain name.

What you need essentially is come up with (or research on the platform) a sound word combo, decide on your domain extension, pick some handful add-ons, and pay for your subscription.

Afterward, the registrar will provide you with further quick instructions for connecting your domain name to your website. After Which you become live online.

How To Register A Domain Name For Your Brand

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