How to get water out of charging port

How To Get Water Out Of Your Charger Port

This is a guide on how to get water out of charging port of mobile phones and other related mobile devices.

There are many guides on the internet on how to go about this. However, I have to be uniquely chosen to be deviant from the views portrayed in those other online guides.

Have you ever wondered how you could get water out of your mobile phone charging port if it mistakenly fell into a container of water? Again, let’s say you are far away from shelter when it started raining, and your phones charging port got soaked up in water.

How do you get water out from your charging port if this is the case?

Well, below are just my selected solutions to how you can actually get water out of your mobile phone’s charging port. These solutions below are important in getting your phone back to normalcy particularly when it is of a more cherished brand like the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

NB: The below solutions will work on any mobile phone whether it is Android, iPhone 13 series, or Samsung, etc. However, do make sure that the water did not get past the charging port region for if it does, it gonna be disastrous.


How to Get Water Out Of Phone Charging Port Using Alcohol

Alcohol, particularly, when concentrated is highly volatile. Due to the volatility of alcohol it has always been deployed to other uses time immemorial. It is used in embalming of corpses/carcasses, preservation of foods, and also in the treatment of wounds, etc.

On using alcohol to remove water from your mobile phone’s charging port.

Follow the below procedure:

Just get a very concentrated alcohol (ethanol) – not the one diluted with water.

Using your mouth, blow air vigorously over the charging port of your phone. When you feel the lining of the interior part of the port is damp and does not contain water. 

Get a cotton wool, open the container of the highly concentrated alcohol (ethanol), and soak up a bit of it using the wool.

Then hold up your mobile phone exposing the charging port. Squeeze into it about 3 drops of the highly concentrated alcohol (ethanol) from the cotton wool. Let it evaporate gradually before a blowing standing fan.

After a while, check your port and confirm the magic by plugging  in your charger, there will be no moisture warning appearing this time if you followed the procedure properly.

NB:  Alcohol when highly concentrated helps getting things dry up fast. That is why it is used in embalming and food preservatives, etc. To work in this regard, it must be highly concentrated to the point that when exposed to open air, a full cup could  varnish under 45 minutes.


How to Get Water Out Of Phone Charging Port Using Wool

This is a major way to go if you want to get water out from your mobile phones charging port.

You can use a material with high capillarity – in this case, cotton wool is ideal in this approach.

Rap the high capillarity material around a fine pin or needle-like stuff with tiny hook. Gently move it into the aligning spaces wiping within the port.

Repeat the process 2 to 3 times, and let it stand for 10 minutes before you can comfortably insert a charger and charge your phone.


How to Get Water Out Of Phone Charging Port Using Rice

It is a natural phenomenon that some food substances tend to be hygroscopic. Most people are aware that certain food items when left in the open for sometimes do change colour and get spoilt after absorbing moisture from the air over a period of time.

For example, food items like dry cassava flakes, and rice do absorb moisture from the air over time. 

Furthermore, that is why it is imperative to routinely sun these food items (sun dry them) periodically if they are for storage or hoarding business.

However, we would use this knowledge about the hygroscopic nature of food substances to our advantage in getting water out of charging port.

What to do: Just look for a bag of dry rice grains, and bury your entire phone into it. Leave it in there overnight, and in the morning, the water trapped will have disappeared. All thanks to the moisture absorbing nature of rice grains.

NB: Make sure the rice grains have big sizes surpassing the aligning spaces within the port. If not, some particles might get trapped.


How to Get Water Out Of Phone Charging Port with a Fan

Use an electric fan or a hand fan to create an artificial wind and concentrate it on the charging port area of your mobile device. It will help dry the water faster because wind causes fast evaporation of water present in the port by carrying away the resulting vapour when moving.


In conclusion, you can combine 2 of the above methods to achieve the same goal of getting water out of your mobile device. I promise to add up on this any time I carry out further research on this. Thank you for reading.

How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port Of Mobile Phones

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