Top 20 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system thanks to its highly flexible and adaptable tool for not only blogs but also varieties of other types of websites as I you will get to see hereunder.  By extension, it  the most popular content management systems in the world, and the choice CMS for great percentage of bloggers, webmasters, etc.

The popularity proof of WordPress is in the stats conducted around some 455 million websites as of 2020. 

Furthermore, W3Techs estimates that WordPress has a 63.2% share of websites using known content management systems. Invariably, as far as content management systems is involved, WordPress is the true king.

Here in this article, I’ll talk about the top 20 most popular types of websites that can be created using WordPress.

1. Blog or Personal Website

types of websites

WordPress began its journey as the leader of other content management systems as a blogging tool, and from there it quickly metamorphosed into a powerful content management system.

Moreover, despite the feat as the most popular content management system, WordPress is not showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon. Instead, they have become more reliable, and its usage is growing on daily basis as more and more websites are spring up from WordPress.

Due to its flexibility, WordPress has asserted itself as the best blogging, and personal site platform for individuals and even multi-author blogs.

It allows you to create content-rich websites in minutes. 

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How to start a blog from scratch


2. Business Website

make Business website with WordPress

Are you searching for a befitting content management system for a business website? If your answer is Yes, please look no further for WordPress (which can create different types of websites) is the easiest content management system for building professionally looking business website.

It has an array of customizable free, freemium themes, and plugins to make it possible for you to create virtually any kind of website.

With its plugins, you can add social media functionality and lots of other functionalities without breaking a sweat.

Hence, its popularity amongst big brands in powering their business websites.


3. eCommerce Website ( Online Store)

Ecommerce website

Remember my statement above about WordPress having an array of customizable freemium and premium themes themes, and by extension lots of plugins?

Well…with the right plugins you can add a specific functionality to your WordPress powered site. In this case, a WordPress website with WooCommerce Plugin well integrated makes it possible for you to sell stuffs online.

The WooCommerce plugin adds eCommerce functionality to your business site.

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How to set up WooCommerce plugin in wordpress

Apart from WooCommerce plugin, there are numerous other WordPress eCommerce Plugins you can use to achieve the same objective.

However, WooCommerce is the most popular, and flawless of them all.


4. Membership Website

Creat a Membership website

Membership websites are service/subscriptions based kind of website. You create a rich and resourceful content and hide them behind a paywall.

This is so that users can pay periodical subscription, or you adopt sell-per view style before your resourceful content can be viewed.

On WordPress, with a plugin called MemberPress, you can turn your website into a Membership Website in minutes. It is the best WordPress membership plugin.

In addition, it comes with powerful access control, subscription management, user management, and integrations with third-party tools and payment gateways.


5. Online Courses

create an Online courses website

Do you want to create an online courses kind of website? If Yes, then WordPress is the best content management system for you. You can easily use it to sell the courses you are knowledgeable about and build an online courses studying community.

Just like what we said in the above, MemberPress Courses is the best WordPress platform to sell online courses from your website. This comes with an easy to use interface to create courses, control access, and sell subscriptions.


6. Online Marketplace Website

popular types of websites

In WordPress plugins hold the key to creating any kind of website. Do you wish to sell, and maybe low on budget, or you do not have product to sell.

Then, it is time to create an online marketplace for other vendors with money to sell their products and services.

With the right plugins you can turn your website into an online marketplace in breeze, so that third-party sellers (vendors) can register and sell their goods and services.

Doing this, you tend to earn a commission each time an order is placed.

Examples of website doing this are Alibaba, and Amazon to mention just two.


7. Dropshipping Website

the 20 most popular types of website

Create a Dropshipping website. Throwing more light on this, a Dropshipping business is a model of an online store (eCommerce store) that doesn’t keep the products inventory.

Rather than keep the product inventory, a third-party vendor takes the job of keeping the inventory and shipping the ordered products directly to your  customers when they purchase the products from your online store.

WordPress boasts of some excellent dropshipping plugins that can help you easily add third-party products to your website and convert it to a dropshipping website in minutes.

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8. Affiliate Website

types of websites

Do you want to build a sales commission earning based kind of website? Well, you can easily run an affiliate marketing business online via WordPress

Way to go: Just create an affiliate online store to already established online store like Amazon and earn a commission whenever a customer clicks through from your site to Amazon to make a purchase.

There are many plugins to help you out on this, just calm down and search for the best.


9. Coupons Website

create a Coupons website in wordpress

Do you wish to earn affiliate commissions from thousands of websites offering special discounts on their products and services?

WordPress is a multi-purpose content management system it can make you a coupons site.

Just use the right plugin to add coupons to your site. The plugin makes it possible to can control the expiration dates and other details, and your users can even rate and vote for their favorite coupons.


10. Micro Job Website

Microjob website example

It is an online marketplace where employers can list tasks or gigs and individuals who have what it takes to execute the jobs can apply for them.

You can earn good money by charging a fee on each listing.

Examples of this type of site are Fiverr and upwork.


11. Job Board Website

20 most popular types of website

There is a growing demand for niche job boards catering to the needs of a specific industry or specialization. Many sites are beginning to earn extra income using befitting job board plugins.

However, in WordPress you can easily create a job board where employers can post job listings and professionals can respond to them. It runs in manner similar to the above number 10


12. Business Directory

Business directory

This runs in similar manner like job boards. The only difference is that this kind of site deals with the listing and categorizing of different websites according to their services.

Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for niche business directories on the web.

To use directory website standard in wordpress, there are some great WordPress business directory plugins which allow you to easily create a business directory.


13. Auction Websites

Online auction website

Do you like eBay kind of website? If your answer is Yes, you have no problem for WordPress can create for you a fully functional auction website.

From there, users can bid online and make payments, and you get to earn by simply providing a platform for your niche auctions.


14. Non-Profits and Religious Websites

Non-profit websites

WordPress is a very free-for-use content management system. Therefore, freedom associated with its use makes it an ideal solution for nonprofit organizations (a.k.a charity organizations).

Making use of WordPress plugins, you can easily add a donation form to raise money for your cause.

Before going ahead to building of this types of websites using WordPress, do search and install an ideal  WordPress themes for churches and nonprofits. Remember, there are many os such themes.


15. Portfolio Websites

Portfolio website example

If you are a designers and you care about showcasing your handiworks on the internet, you can easily build a portfolio website in WordPress using plugins.

Portfolio sites usually have stunning image galleries and beautiful slideshows. This makes it easier for visitors to learn a great deal about your works


16. Travel Website

popular types of websites

Do you want to create a travel agency website? If Yes, WordPress is the perfect platform to make a travel website. You can easily create and share your own travel and destination guides. You can make a lot of money off that. 


17. Fashion / Lifestyle Website

Fashion website

WordPress is the choice destination for fashion and lifestyle businesses. That is so because it’s easy to create professional-looking fashion website or blog, and you can even sell your own fashion related products or affiliate products.


19. Online Forums Website

Forums website

Do you want to build an online community around some specific topics, and in a particular geo-space, discipline, etc.?

If Yes, WordPress comes handy for that. This day, online forums are a popular way to build a community and leverage user-generated content to bring more search engine traffic to your website. In fact, it is a SEO self-serving mechanism.

You just sit back and enjoy your monetization earnings

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To turn your WordPress into a forum, you can easily use a plugin called bbPress for that purpose.

Because, bbPress helps you convert your website into an easy to manage forum. It does not stop you from using your site for other stuffs for you can still run an online store, and blog on the same site.


20. Social Network Website

Social Network website

Do you want to build a more active and engaged online community?

WordPress lets you to easily make your own social network website with BuddyPress.

Users will be able to join your community, manage profiles, view activity, join groups, and more.

Bonus Point

21. Wiki / Knowledge Base Website

Knowledge base / wiki

Want to create a knowledge base or wiki-like website?

WordPress allows you to easily add a documentation or knowledgebase section to your website. This allows you to use a powerful CMS to manage all your content under one dashboard.

You can pick any of these WordPress knowledge base plugins to start your own wiki website.

In Summery

I am sure that by now you had known how versatile WordPress is, and the types of websites you can create with it. Of all the whole content management systems, WordPress holds the key as a leader of the pack. Equipped with numerous themes and plugins, you can create any type of website in WordPress.

I promise to keep creating more articles like this on this wonderful website. With WordPress, you can almost create all types of websites. Thank you for reading.

20 Popular Types Of Websites You Can Create In WordPress

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