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Human Dubai Porta Potty Rental Business

Dubai Porta Potty is a popular term in the cyberspace today, thanks to the rich Arab men that have decided to use their riches negatively in doing the unthinkable. Now, what is a porta potty? Well, I do not expect most of you to understand what it means.

Do you remember what a porta potty is all about? If Yes, then I will through more light to brighten your understanding of what it means.

In simple term, a porta potty is a portable enclosure containing a chemical toilet, typically used as a temporary toilet for construction sites and for large gatherings for events.

In other words, porta potties are considered make-shift toilets, restrooms that are set up temporary for events of high gatherings.

Now to get you to understand what a Dubai porta potty means, I will be talking about a porta potty term considering when it applies to real human beings particularly ladies in Dubai who sell their bodies for fortune sake

On the contrary, the term porta potty is used here to reflect the depravity of modern day women and ladies in reference to Arab Dubia Men, who treat women of all sizes, shapes, and races like pieces of trash all in an exchange for money.

To help you get the picture of what I am saying here. See…these Arab men are so rich that they do not know what else to do with money. They have expensive cars, private jets, yachts and capital intensive mansions,etc. These men have all the things money can buy, and are not relenting in seeking other avenues to satiate their evil creed and needs.

However, one of those new found ways they deal with boredom despite having riches is trying by all means to actualizes the most extreme of their canal fantasies, and fetishes.

To try out these extreme canal fetishes will not be easy…right? If your answer is YES, you are wrong.

Mind you, these men are stupendously rich, and have enough money, and materially,all money can buy. To treat ladies badly in fulfillment of their weird canal fantasies, they easily import willing human porta potty rentals – who would then turn Dubai Porta Potties – from poorer countries, preferably, from third world countries in Africa, South-America, and Asia.

They bring these women into Dubai, and other parts of United Arab Emirates just to abuse carnally in the most degrading manners just to live out their canal fantasies, and also satiate their evil fetishes.

How Dubai Money Bags Scout For The-Would-Be Porta Potty In Dubai

Going further to make you understand how they go about getting these willing human porta potties who they would sh*t in their mouths for pleasure and all other stuffs…read on…

By the foregoing, how do these Arab men who are into Dubia porta potty carnal fetishes get their willing human porta potty rentals???

Answer: They simply scout for them (wh*res) on social media via private DMs. They make these ladies irresistible offers, such that the starting bargain could be in the region of $30000 per week just to make them oblige to the offer. And when they comply, they are ferried to Dubai for the job. However, they are usually given free booking fee of $5000 upon arrival.

Although, these ladies do enjoy, but at night time, what they do with them is rather disheartening.

They(the imported whores) ride with these rich Arab men, in their expensive, yachts, cars, and also, fly in their private jets as the camera flashes to the admiration of other young people on social media.

I can go on as long as possible explaining how these ladies enjoy in the day, but what do they do with the ladies every night before they hand them the money agreed on?

Well, the ladies will have to be used and abused carnally in all mannerisms possible. In fact, any degrading bedroom tactics is practiced with the Dubai Porta Potty ladies.

In reality these women suffer a lot in the hands of these bad money men. It is worthy of note, that they do not wait always until it is time before they start using the wh*res they imported.

Even, during the day, these ladies are brought onto yachts and boats to get sh*tted and pissed on, hence live up to their the name tag Dubai Porta Potties.

In other words, they are human porta potties rentals. These Arab men rent these ladies as female escorts, but engage them in fulfilling their extreme brutal carnal f*tishes and perversions in the most disgusting manner.

You know what? Its easy to identify some of these women who are into Dubai Porta Potty Business by the flashy pictures they post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

NB: Red flag for spotting ladies who maybe into Porta Potty Business: If a lady – who could be a social media friend – all of a sudden started posting flamboyant pictures of her shopping sprees, expensive partying and has a folder with nothing but flashy pictures of her and friends on a yacht drinking champagne in any UAE or St. Tropez area, most likely, she is into Dubai Porta Potty Human Rental.

Never you envy her in anyway, for she is worst than a cesspit.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that there are no genuine people with legit hustles in Dubai. However, Vast majority are into some shady business ventures, with the class of ladies described here in the fore-front.

In Conclusion, Dubai Porta Potty/potties is/are ladies in Dubai who have established themselves as human porta potties.

These ladies get rented out via pimps to Arab money bags, who use them in the same manner an object porta potty is used. Then afterwards reward them handsomely with money. But mind you, the money does not come on a platter of gold, these ladies eat poo, drink piss, and perform whole lots of other self-humiliating acts before they are hugely paid.

So dear my readers…this is what the above implies what the term Dubai Porta Potty means.

Although there are real object porta potties companies in Dubai, who deal with renting out of portable toilets (otherwise called porta potties) for large gatherings, this post is solely to hint you about the coinage and illicit business of called Dubai Porta Potty Business.

Dubai Porta Potty Business And What It Means

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